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81 Life Skills Cards for Kids
81 Life Skills Cards for Kids
81 Life Skills Cards for Kids
81 Life Skills Cards for Kids
81 Life Skills Cards for Kids

81 Life Skills Cards for Kids

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When you’re a kid there’s a lot to learn!

And as a parent, there’s so much you want to teach your child for before they leave home.

These Life Skills Cards are a fun way for kids to begin to develop skills they’ll need both now and as adults.

Each of the eighty-one cards in this PDF include specific skills that cover a range of topics such as:

  • Food and cooking
  • Home care and chores
  • Social skills, manners, and etiquette
  • Money and finances
  • Emergency and safety
  • Navigation & time skills
  • Routines and time management
  • Basic hygiene
  • Basic skills

After purchasing and downloading the PDF, print out the cards (we suggest 110# paper) and cut them out.

For greater durability, the cards can be laminated. It’s recommended that only heavy stock paper be used before lamination.

Next, you could place the life skills cards in a bowl and let your child pick a card at random.

Learning a life skill can be a fun activity for kids either with an adult or independently (depending on which skill it is, and your child’s developmental readiness).

Mastered skills can be placed on a ring to illustrate what your child has learned. 

A few examples of skills include:

  • Learn how to prepare a simple meal
  • Learn how to use an oven
  • Learn how to clean laundry
  • Learn how to wash a car
  • Learn how to make a bed
  • Learn how to write a thank you note
  • Learn how to set a table
  • Learn how to budget money
  • Give to a charity or non-profit
  • Learn how to make an emergency phone call
  • Learn basic first aid
  • Learn how to read and use a map
  • Trim finger and toenails independently
  • Learn how to read and understand outside temperature
  • Learn how to read both a digital and analog clock


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Correna Lennon

These are just great.

Cool cards for kiddos

Cool cards for kiddos